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The Audi Team 2015

Following a pleasant period of more than 6 years, Ivo has found a new challenge in his career at the beautiful stables of Tal Milstein. This enabled the Audi Team to look for a new first rider. Initially Samantha MacIntosh, a fantastic horsewoman, was chosen. However, the route Samantha had to take to get into sub top position differed from that envisaged by Eric Berkhof.

Fortunately this was discovered during the trial period, and they both decided this was not the way to continue. That was a pity, but of course it was better to discover this sooner rather than later. We wish both Ivo and Samantha all the best in their future career. Luckily Eric Berkhof came across Ruben Romp soon after this. After a number of talks both Eric and Ruben arrived at the conclusion that there was a clear match in terms of how they felt they could plan their future. They had very similar ideas about how the sub top could be reached, and especially about how soon this could be done. Both agree that they should take their time, so that both horses and riders get a chance to grow in this respect.Ruben worked at our stable till okt 2017.

Update for 2023 Kim Emmen

After all, Margarethahoeve has trained most of its own top horses. And we aim to continue that strategy.


The Audi Team 2020

Together they are responsible for training the young horses. This forms an important part of our company. The Audi Team has been able to compete at the top and in the sub top for many years thanks to horses that were bought young and were trained by the Audi riders themselves.

As you will be aware, a rider can never do this alone. At Margarethahoeve we therefore have five very motivated grooms, who are indispensable for the Audi riders' team. There are also three assistants, who make sure that the broodmares and young horses have everything they need and the stables look spic and span. These people are supervised by Patricia Pikaar, the stables manager.

Margaretha Hoeve offers the Audi riders a good home base. It is fully equipped to facilitate the training sessions as well as possible. It has an indoor arena of 70mx35m and another one of 10mx20m, used mainly for lunging. For the riders there is also a 550m galloping course, a 60mx150m jumping paddock with both normal and natural obstacles, two mills, two lunging circles and a professional free jumping arena. There are 72 permanent stables in total, 36 of which are used by the Audi Team. The other stables are for guest horses, who can get professional training at Margarathahoeve and are used for the broodmares. Moreover, 12 common stables are available, where one hundred young horses can be accommodated.


So, the Audi Team has all the peace and quiet here needed to prepare for the competitions, and to help customers with training or advice on the purchase of one of the Audi horses.

The first Audi Team (1994)

Eric Willemsz Geeroms was the first rider to wear the Audi colours. He was followed by a large number of other riders. You can find out more about them under the heading History.


The Dutch Audi team in 2002


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