The Margaretha Hoeve also provides clinics, in many cases together with sister company Van Mossel Automotive Group. In fact, the Automotive branch regularly comes to Dinteloord with its customers. An afternoon and evening are organized by the Audi branches - because the Audi branch in particular is inextricably linked to the Margaretha Hoeve - where the Audi customers are given the opportunity to get acquainted with both the automotive and the horse company. Our business relations first get to "see, feel and taste" our fantastic bolides by means of a tour ride from one of the Van Mossel Automotive Group's Audi branches to the Margaretha Hoeve in Dinteloord.

IMG 2787

During this ride, the most new models will be used, changing riders along the way to give everyone ample turn. Arriving in Dinteloord a welcome drink will be waiting.

IMG 2864

A tour will then be given by the Margaret Farm's professional Audi team.

This is followed by a presentation by the first rider of the Audi team. He explains how he prepares for an important competition.

IMG 2055

After the tour and presentation, a tasty buffet awaits. (Photo: Geert van Erven)

In the summer, the buffet is often exchanged for a tasty barbecue. When delicious food and drinks (but especially a lot of networking) have been consumed, the journey returns to the car dealerships where the team is again waiting to hand the guests the keys to their own cars.

Our experience shows that our guests look back on this day with great pleasure. Indeed, by now not only the Audi customers make use of this; the VW, Opel and the many lease customers of the Van Mossel Automotive Group have also found their way in. A dozen other companies from other industries also took the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes.