Margaretha Hoeve is a high-quality horse business. In our company, only the best will do. Our activities can be classified under three disciplines: Horse-Breeding, Sports and Trade.

For horse-breeding we only use mares that have performed in equestrian sports or whose relatives have done very well in sports. Examples are the mare Maria Callas, who created an international furore with Ben Schröder, or Cierania, who won many GPs under Vincent Voorn. Royal Classic, the full sister of Maria Callas, has also produced some very good offspring. In addition, we buy about 10 foals a year at auctions. These are carefully preselected; this is usually done in consultation with Cees van de Oetelaar, a good friend of our stables.



In sports, again only the best will do. That was already the case at the time of the Van de Vorm family. Ben Schroder in particular was responsible for some record performances, like winning the Dutch Championship in 1999 with the fantastic jumping stallion Athletico. In my time as owner of Margaretha Hhoeve we have taken part in competitions as the Audi Team. The highlight so far has been Vincent Voorn winning the gold medal with Audi's Alpapillion Armani in Mannheim with the Dutch team. When this duo was also selected for the Olympic Games in Hong Kong this was an important milestone for us. Also worth mentioning are, of course, the many GPs won by our riders in Maastricht, Ville Neuve and Nieuwpoort. All this has contributed to the fact that the Audi Team set up by us at Margaretha Hoeve is a motivated team that has been active in sports for many years.

Our quality as horse-breeders and our impressive sports performances at national and international competitions have meant that many horse buyers have found their way to Margaretha Hoeve. Again, we only want to supply quality and make sure that our customers are more than satisfied. As is the case in the car business, we fully support what we sell. The continuity of our activities, and therefore Margaretha Hoeve, is directly linked to us fully meeting the agreements made, selling top-quality horses, and supplying the best service. We do everything with passion and the greatest dedication. We sell about 50 horses to our national and international clientèle each year.

In addition to our involvement in horse-breeding, trade and sports, we organise some 15 clinics a year. Our Audi Team is keen to explain in detail to customers and business contacts of our Automotive group how they prepare for important competitions.