The financial basis behind the Margaretha Hoeve can not be explained in a few words or one sentence. We are talking about a company with more than 290 branches. A company that has been the largest Volkswagen and Audi dealer in the Netherlands for quite some time. A company that can now also call itself one of the largest lease companies in the Netherlands. A company that is not only active within the national borders, but also in Germany and Belgium. In short: the Automotive Group is a company that manages to bring about growth, even in economically bad times.

The reasons: an excellent service towards the customers with a lot of personal attention and good warranty schemes, innovation at the right time and never tinkering with the familial structure and warm atmosphere within the company. "Who at Van Mossel not only works with the brain, but also with the heart, is assured of years of employment", explains director Eric Berkhof. "We distinguish ourselves not only in terms of quality, but also in a flexible working attitude because we cherish our long-standing relationships with our customers." A first impression of the quality level can be found on

You also see the care for customers, employees and cars in the Margarethahoeve. Here too, there are long-term employment relationships and a beautiful horse stable where much attention has been paid to it. That translates into a well-running breeding and excellent performances in the arena.