Van Mossel Automotive Group


The financial basis behind the Margaretha Hoeve cannot be explained in a few words or a single sentence. In more than 75 years, mobility company Van Mossel Automotive Group has grown into the largest automotive company in the Benelux. The company has 438 branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Luxembourg. The Van Mossel Occasion branches offer an impressively wide range of used cars. Every year we sell over 180,000 new and used cars. Part of the Van Mossel Automotive Group is a Car Damage Group with national coverage in Belgium and the Netherlands. International Car Lease Holding also belongs to the group. This includes the leasing labels Van Mossel Autolease, J&T Autolease, DirectLease and Westlease. With a leasing fleet of more than 120,000 vehicles, International Car Lease Holding ranks among the top leasing companies in the Netherlands.

In addition to the dealer & lease companies, you can also visit one of the Van Mossel bodyshops, Van Mossel Glass Service, Van Mossel Klein schadeherstel, Van Mossel Financial Services, Van Mossel Car Solutions for bodywork construction, lettering or furnishing of your commercial vehicles and Van Mossel Energy.

The reasons: excellent service towards customers with a lot of personal attention and good warranty arrangements, innovation at the right time and never compromising the familial structure and warm atmosphere within the company. "Whoever works at Van Mossel not only with the brain but also with the heart is assured of years of service," explains director Eric Berkhof. "We distinguish ourselves not only in quality, but also in a flexible working attitude because we cherish our often long-standing ties with our customers." A first impression of the level of quality can be seen back at


The Connection

The care for customers, employees and cars can also be seen at Margaretha Hoeve. Here, too, there are long-term working relationships and a beautiful horse stable to which much attention has been paid. This translates into a thriving breeding farm and excellent performance in the arena.